Why Build a New Home with Thurman Homes

Buying a home is a huge decision! And deciding whether to buy an existing home or build a new, custom home is also a big decision. At Thurman Homes, we collaborate closely with homebuyers to build them a home that perfectly suits their wants and needs. But if you need more convincing reasons why you should choose to work with us on your new home instead of buying an existing home, here are some notable reasons.

You Have an Abundance of Choices

When you build a custom home with us, you get as much say as you want in the design process. This is something that gives homebuyers a lot of satisfaction. Afterall, your home is personal. It should look and feel like it was made for you.

You will not have to struggle with analysis paralysis either. While we give you tons of choices, we also make it easy for you to mix and match floor plans and design ideas without it becoming overwhelming. For example, our floor plans are already matched up with lots that will suit them the best, and our design team has put together palettes of hardware and finishes that complement each other. We also have a satisfying array of add-on options, like Tesla walls, that can make your home feel extra special and functional to you.

We Help You Every Step of the Way

As we touched on, buying a home is a daunting endeavor, but we make the process easier in any way we can. We start by helping you secure funding if you do not have it. This is one of the biggest hurdles early on in the home buying process. And then once we get into the design process, we make sure to be upfront with you about the costs. We don’t want you to be surprised.

Then, after your home is designed and built, we will go with you to do a walk through. We want you to be able to know your home inside out. We want you to inspect the details and ask questions. We will make sure that your home is everything you want.

And even after you're all moved in and settled, we are still going to be there for you. Our warranty ensures that we are here when you need us if something does not work. Although, we are confident that it will!

All in all, deciding whether to build a custom home or buy an existing one is a very personal matter. But if you want a home that is all new and built with you in mind, give Thurman Homes a call to get the process started.